13-Piece Jigsaw - Summer Birds
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13-Piece Jigsaw - Summer Birds

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These award-winning 13 piece puzzles provide enjoyable stimulation while their unique design features help users complete the puzzles unassisted.

Creating a picture with puzzle pieces can be a therapeutic activity which helps to activate both sides of the brain. An activity which requires no pre-planning, puzzles can offer opportunities for reminiscing and can help to keep minds and muscles stimulated, especially the muscle memories of keen puzzlers! Each puzzle’s image has been designed with a border and outline shapes in different shades on the back-board to prompt the placement of the pieces and lessen frustration and help to promote a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

These Jigsaw Puzzles for dementia offer gentle, enjoyable stimulation - a happy synergy of cognitive reactions between right and left brain. And there's nothing quite like that feeling of placing the last piece of the puzzle down…

Key Benefits

Can help improve dexterity.

Individual or group activity.

Inter-generational activity.

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