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Colonel Tom Sculpture nears completion


Auction date to be announced. Huge thanks to https://www.tennants.co.uk/ for running the auction.

See day 12 time lapse below


All proceeds to Socila Care & NHS Charities

Deliver Net Commissioned Sculpture of National Hero

Brilliant artist Marcus Levine starts his new sculpture of a national hero, commissioned by Deliver Net.Watch a timelapse video of the progress here:https://twitter.com/TimLockett2000/status/1257587840260636672?s=20

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How to Enjoy Christmas in Spite of Dementia

For many families affected by dementia in loved one, the thought of Christmas can be a source of real anxiety. Alzheimer's Society have produced a variety of useful tips and advice to help you enjoy the festive season as much as possible. We've chosen our favourites below;1. Create a quiet room so they can escape the lights, [...]

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How Do Dementia Signs Work?

Dementia is a disorder that affects how the brain works and there can be a wide range of symptoms. For example, early symptoms of Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia, include minor memory problems and, as the condition progresses, disorientation, confusion and wandering. There is currently no cure, but carers and care providers understand that [...]

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6 Essential Reasons to Create a Memory Box for Someone Living With Dementia

For someone living with dementia, at whatever stage, a memory box can evoke powerful memories and positive emotions from the past, as well as stimulating conversations with loved ones and care-givers alike. Why Everyone Living with Dementia Needs a Memory Box A properly thought about memory box can provide a simple but incredibly effective way of linking someone living with dementia to the [...]

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Guide to Care Home Signage

Guide to Care Home Signage Good signage is essential to promote independence and ensure inclusive access for everyone, in care homes, nursing homes or any healthcare establishment, including hospitals. The purpose designed, high visibility signage available on this website is especially helpful for people with dementia or sight problems. Quality materials We use highly durable, top quality, fire [...]

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Understanding Dementia Signage

Understanding how dementia signage worksAccording to the NHS, ‘dementia is a group of symptoms caused by specific brain disorders. The most common cause is Alzheimer’s disease, but dementia can also be the result of a stroke or mini strokes’.The main symptoms are:Loss of memory: Such as forgetting places & directionsMood changes: People can become frightened [...]

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