Colonel Sir Tom Moore portrait nailed by Deliver Net

Colonel Sir Tom Moore portrait nailed by Deliver Net

Portrait of Col Sir Tom Moore made from nails by Marcus Levine and sponsored by Tim Lockett founder of Deliver Net one the UK’s leading suppliers to the care home industry and supplier of PPE such as face masks, face shields and face visors to many other businesses too

The centenarian hero who became a symbol of British resolve and charity has been captured by Keighley based Sculptor, Marcus Levine over 15 days and the whole creation was captured by ‘time lapse’ photography. Read on to get the full story and see the video of this national treasure being created.

Tim Lockett, founder of Deliver Net, the UK’s leading supplier to the nation’s care homes, was so taken by the now world famous story about Col Sir Tom Moore, that he commissioned a local Yorkshire artist and sculptor Marcus Levine create a depiction of the man and his exploits, in nails.

The finished portrait took 15 days to complete, weighs 16.5kg, and is comprised of 50,000 nails. The idea that the artist and his sponsor devised was that the portrait would then be sold via a Yorkshire based auctioneer, Tennants and the proceeds then would be donated to two charities. The Care Workers Charity who amongst other things, support care workers who themselves fall ill and who often are not then paid as they can’t work. Also the NHS Charities Together, the beneficiaries of the work that Col Tom, formerly Capt Tom, set out to support.

You can see the video of the creation of the portrait here on the facebook page and the BBC news story on YouTube.

If you want to follow the bidding (due to complete on June 10th 2020) you can do so here.

Or if you want to donate to either charity, the links are below:

Please forward this story to as many people as you think may be interested to help to build interest in the idea and hopefully raise a significant sum for the charities. 

Both the artist and the auctioneers, have waived their usual commissions and royalties, and all other costs have been covered by Tim in order to maximise the contribution to the charities. 

We’ll let you know how much the gesture raised in a future issue of ‘Delivered’