Deliver Net literally widens the ‘Net’

Deliver Net literally widens the ‘Net’

Part of Deliver Net’s fleet of lorries outside the warehouse waiting to take PPE including sanitising gel, face masks, face shields and visors to the many organisations that now require PPE including schools, universities, offices and factories.

Deliver Net is expanding its customer base to include other sectors of the healthcare industry and businesses in general who are now required to buy PPE to enable them to keep their staff and customers safe.

With its 25+ years of experience, global sourcing expertise, significant warehousing and investment in stock that is here in the UK, Deliver Net is well placed to be able to support more businesses.

The pressure was on at the start of the Pandemic but the Deliver Net team worked hard to fulfil demand and support the many care homes who rely on the business and came through it with enhanced confidence and reputation.

Demand for essential PPE items from care homes, has now become much more predictable and manageable giving Deliver Net the opportunity to expand its operations to support other businesses that need help sourcing vital PPE.

Both health related businesses and other businesses in general are now faced with the prospect of buying what have been relatively specialist items of protection for some months to come in order to protect their staff and their customers.

In recent weeks Deliver Net has supplied some schools, factories and office based business with PPE too.

Deliver Net has an established team and substantial reputation to reassure new buyers of PPE that they can rely on the quality and price of the essential items they need.

“Having stocks in the UK ready to ship has been a key part of our success.” says founder Tim Lockett.“

There are many new players in the market without a track record who are ready to sell inferior products at inflated prices or goods in transit to cash in on high demand and lack of knowledge.

Part of our policy for maintaining low prices and high quality is to discourage those profiteers as much as possible.

Ultimately, it is the customers who will stop this happening by asking for evidence of certification and checking where stocks are or asking to see samples”, he added.