How to Enjoy Christmas in Spite of Dementia

How to Enjoy Christmas in Spite of Dementia

For many families affected by dementia in loved one, the thought of Christmas can be a source of real anxiety. 

Alzheimer's Society have produced a variety of useful tips and advice to help you enjoy the festive season as much as possible. We've chosen our favourites below;

1. Create a quiet room so they can escape the lights, visitors and all the excitable noise of Christmas! 

2. Be honest with visiting family about how things might be different this Christmas – it will be easier all round if everyone’s prepared. 

3. Spread out family visits, and ask friends and family to keep you well informed about when they’re coming. 

4. Playing old music can help someone with dementia relax, and might add a nice festive touch to your holidays. 

5. Remember that the Alzheimer’s Society Talking Points Forum is there 24/7 for any questions, concerns or advice you might want to share, or for just unloading at the end of a difficult day. 

6. If your loved one is coming out of a care home for Christmas Day, be mindful of their normal routines

7. Use Christmas cards to jog memories about friends and family who might drop in. 

8. Keep meals at the same time and in the same place, even if it is turkey with all the trimmings. 

9. Don’t try and make everything perfect. Enjoy the things that work, disregard the things that don’t. And remember, Christmas can be stressful even if you’re not dealing with dementia.

10. Get outside if you can - Even though it is cold, make sure to wrap up warm and get some fresh air in a safe place.

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There are over 850,000 thousand people in the UK living with dementia,

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