Is the UK heading for another full lockdown?

Is the UK heading for another full lockdown?

Following the almost daily additions to local measures to reduce the ‘R’ rate, the UK seems to be heading towards another full lock-down. Some are arguing that this would help ‘re-set’ the country and remove local confusions. We have been supplying all type of businesses since the launch of the website in May.

Initially Deliver Net focussed its efforts on care homes during lock-down but as it had more than enough stocks of PPE warehoused here in the UK for next day delivery, the website was turned into an online shop and opened its doors to the British business universe starting with other care related businesses including GP’s, dentists, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists to name just a few. 

Beyond that factories, schools, shops, barbers, hairdressers, beauticians and nurseries took advantage of the falling prices, next day delivery and price guarantees that Deliver Net established for the key products such as the Type IIR face masksAprons and face visors that became the mainstream front line defences against the Virus. 

The significant advantage that Deliver Net had was 25 years of experience in supplying these products before the Pandemic arrived on our shores. 

Not only did Deliver Net have the supply lines in place, it also had a significant investment in stocks held locally in its warehouses that it could collect and deliver via its own fleet of lorries. 

“The Business and its staff worked around the clock to ensure that Care Homes and British businesses received regular supplies of key medical grade consumables such as KN95 masks, many thousands of 5 litre antimicrobial hand sanitisers, disposable aprons, face shields and face visors”, added Pauline Birch Sales Director at Deliver Net. 

"The team has worked tirelessly whilst establishing its own Covid-secure environment and in order to avoid running out of stock of much sought after Nitrile gloves that were highly inflated in price in the market, Deliver Net maintained its low price but restricted access to just those businesses that were Care Quality Commission registered”, Pauline added. 

Deliver Net has once again built up stocks and reduced prices in preparation for the next phase of demand and anticipation of some significant growth in needs for the coming winter months.