New Products listed  on the Covid 19 Shop

New Products listed on the Covid 19 Shop

Deliver Net’s key range of essential PPE including facemasks, including kn95, ffp2 and the iir mask  from 5p each including a price guarantee to match any price for a genuine alternative, sanitising wipes, alcohol hand run and sanitising gel, aprons, nitrile gloves along with infrared forehead thermometer and face visors or face shields.

Following the launch of the new web shop that was quickly established last month by Deliver Net to meet the soaring demand for PPE, new products have more recently been added by popular demand.

Nitrile gloves and CE certified Aprons have been added to the key products including face masks and face visors, that were part of the initial launch.

The objective of the initiative to create a web shop was both to make PPE more accessible and to extend the times when stressed and very busy staff at care homes could order what they needed.

The new web shop was established to enable Deliver Net to provide a better and continued service 24/7 for the key items of PPE that were in very short supply and in huge demand during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Deliver Net has been supplying the care sector for over 25 years with the essential products that care homes need. Their sourcing expertise was called upon during the early stages of the pandemic as demand soared and traditional sources were unable to secure stock.

The situation was made worse by many new suppliers joining the market taking up limited supplies of genuine approved products and filling the gaps with inferior or unapproved goods.

Prices still fluctuate dependent on volumes available but Deliver Net is trying to establish continuity and price consistency for this 24/7 service for its customers and increasingly other businesses that are now forced to also buy PPE to keep teir staff and customers safe.

The site was initially launched with the most sought after and essential 8 products, face masks both fluid repellent iiR surgical masks and KN95 face mask coverings , Clinell universal sanitary wipes, infra-red forehead thermometers, HR 1 Hand Sanitiser Rub, Protective face visor both disposable face visors and more durable face shields and most popular of all the 70% concentration Aura-pure Alco gel hand sanitiser.

All of these key items have extensive stock holdings on site so that they can be shipped to customers in whatever volumes they need but importantly with good on-going commitments and supplies, there has been no need to panic buy or stock up as Deliver Net will continue to services any needs as they arise 24/7.