Care Plan Box with Keyless Digital Lock
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Care Plan Box with Keyless Digital Lock

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An attractive, wall-mountable storage box for Care Plan folders. This timber-framed storage box features a keyless, digital lock to ensure that patients' care information is kept secure.

This Care Plan storage box is specifically designed to be large enough to fit a typical Care Plan Folder, but compact enough so as not to intrude into patients personal space.

Developed in conjunction with the Bradford Dementia Group

This innovative Care Plan Box was developed in conjunction with the Bradford Dementia Group to meet their criteria of being something to store Care Plan details in that is;

  • Robust & secure,
  • Large enough for a Care Plan folder,
  • Attractive in the context of a residents room.

Since being designed and manufactured in the UK, this Care Plan Box has been installed throughout the Royal British Legion Homes and continues to be adopted by many other homes.

Convenient but secure access to patients' Care Plans

Care Plans are a highly valuable document and if used correctly, can provide a wealth of benefits to people with dementia, their carer’s and families. Collaboration between the University of Bradford’s Dementia Group and The Royal British Legion Homes revealed a need to keep people’s Care Plans in their own room.

In practice there are issues concerning the feasibility of maintaining and consulting a Care Plan when it is located (as they typically are) in a central office, which may be some considerable distance from the residents room. It was concluded that storing the Care Plan in the residents room would help ensure that Care Plans are always up to date and accessible to consult.

Care Plan Box dimensions: 400 x 400 x 120mm (W x H x D)

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