Fiddle Muff - Friendly Lion

Fiddle Muff - Friendly Lion

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Muffs have proved popular and beneficial in the care of the elderly including those with dementia. Well made and washable, this Fiddle Muff is easy to introduce as an attractive, tactile, multi-sensory comforter with additional benefits.

The soft, warm fabric is irresistibly tactile and made all the more interesting with attractive colours and multiple, additional features that keep fingers warm, exercised and relieve restlessness. People become attached to their Fiddle Muff and it’s quite common for them to be given names and even acquire a personality for the user.

Multiple benefits include:

  • Exercise hands and fingers.
  • Improving circulation.
  • Calms agitated hands and minds.
  • Great stress reliever.
  • An interactive companion.
  • Can help to reduce medication.
  • A focal point for affection.
  • Provides an alternative to tearing up tissues or picking at skin.
  • Is a valuable talking point encouraging interaction.
  • A perfect gift at any time of the year.


Soft polyester fabric.

225gm (approx).

250mm wide x 200mm deep.

Machine washable.

Detachable parts.

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