Great British Puzzle Book for Seniors

Great British Puzzle Book for Seniors

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This fantastic A4 puzzle book contains seventy-eight puzzle and activity pages to suit a range of preferences and abilities and has been especially designed and created for people with Alzheimer’s and the elderly.

The puzzles are age appropriate and based on and around everyday life, hobbies and interests and are a great resource for evoking memories. Some puzzles are ideal for stimulating the memory, visual tracking and problem solving while others promote opportunities for conversation and reminiscence. Many of the puzzles are large print and designed with clear pictures and less detail so they are easier to manage.

Puzzles and activities include wordsearches, missing words, picture pairs and many more. Topics include film and music, nature and animals, work, history plus many more. The unique design of these puzzles and activities with subtle hints and clues enables the puzzles to be completed more independently by the person with Dementia giving a sense of accomplishment.

A fantastic resource for evoking wonderful memories of our Great British Isles. Topics include the royals, transport, music, sport, fashion plus many more.

Also suitable for photocopying.

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