The Sewing Box Creative Scene The Sewing Box Creative Scene The Sewing Box Creative Scene
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The Sewing Box Creative Scene

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About This Product

This product has been designed with and for people with dementia and is an engaging activity for those in mid-late stages. Designed for people who can no longer do our 13-35 piece puzzles, creative scenes is designed to achieve better sense of achievement, as it is impossible to get it wrong! Each magnetic piece can be picked up and moved around, then placed where ever they choose on the scene. We designed this from observation and feedback - as we learnt that as people's dementia progresses they start to struggle to pick puzzle pieces up and place them in the correct space. We wanted to design a product that better met their needs and gave a sense of achievement. The key features are using tailored era specific pieces, illustrated to prompt recollection and conversation. Being magnetic pieces and frame, it also means that pieces can not be knocked or fall off.

How It Works

To begin, simply place the magnets in a pile outside the Creative Scenes. Then suggest... ' To get things going, pass the person a magnet one at a time and ask where they would like to put it in the scene. Allow them time to think and make each move by themselves. If you need to, demonstrate how the pieces can be moved around. If someone hesitates to start the Creative Scene independently, show them the scene on the back of the packaging to copy.

  • Can help to improve dexterity. Encourages conversation. Encourages choice and control. Individual or group activity.
  • The Sewing Box is one in our range for Creative Scenes, and has been tested to help users in the later stages of dementia.
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