Too Late to Learn to Drive
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Too Late to Learn to Drive

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As the dementia journey progresses, communication with the person for whom you are caring becomes a significant challenge due to confusion caused by changes in the brain. When this occurs, it is difficult to know how to reach out and make a connection yet neglecting to do so can cause the individual to become bored, lonely or isolated. All of which can have a negative impact on their overall health and well-being.

Reminiscence therapy is a wonderful way of inspiring conversation and can be a very powerful tool when caring for someone with dementia. While they may not necessarily be able to correctly identify familiar faces, pictures from times gone by can inspire very vivid memories to be shared. Engaging in this type of activity may improve the mood of the individual, encourage positive feelings of self-identity and allow you to learn something about them that you did not know before.

This 48 page, fully illustrated book explains the importance of pictures and visual imagery in our lives and what happens when someone develops dementia. It shows that by understanding how dementia affects visual perception, carers can make sure that those with later stage dementia continue to benefit as much as possible from the use of a wide range of pictures that help maintain meaningful communication. Written by Helen Bate B.A.Dip.Arch.B.A.(Hons) M.A. who has spent a lifetime in visual communication, it is the result of 9 years of research and experience in the area of dementia and visual imagery.

32 colour and b&w illustrations.

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